Our vision:

Encounter God through His Mercy.


Mercy Culture Church exists to take people from corporate encounters with God to personal encounters with Him by knowing God, His ways, and by finding favor with Him.

Teach The Ways Of God. Know God. Find Favor.


Mercy Culture

is a presence-driven church, built around the presence of God, not a person or event. We are all about encountering Him! Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus in His mercy (“undeserved kindness”) gave up His life so we could experience life eternally. We encounter God, through His mercy, at this life-giving church. We are a diverse community of people, passionately following Jesus and His example as we

Be a part of it.



There are 17 core values, or what we like to call "cultures," that keep the vision and mission of Mercy Culture Church clear. These cultures reflect our desire to reach people, share the Gospel and make Jesus famous.



Learn the many significant aspects of our faith and how we view God, Jesus, the Bible and how you fit into it all. Our beliefs are firmly rooted in Scripture, and they guide every decision we make and every action we take as a church.




MC Groups

Pastor Landon had a dream and saw houses on fire all over the city of Fort Worth. These houses were filled with the presence of God. Streams of the presence of God came from these houses into the church. When Pastor Landon woke up, he knew in his heart those houses were groups. MC Groups will meet all over the city and help people encounter God through community on their way to intimate relationships with Jesus, where they learn to hear and obey Him!

Serve team

The Serve Team is a group of amazing people just like you, who desire to be a part of Mercy Culture and make an impact in their city by serving in various departments, according to their unique abilities. These are the servant leaders who make Mercy Culture happen!

Text “Serve” to 817.835.9090
to join our serve team.


MC Connect

MC Connect is the assimilation process of Mercy Culture Church that walks people through being first-time guests to fully engaged members and participants in the life of the church. MC Connect is a three stage plan that starts online for convenience and ends in a one-on-one personal appointment.

(MC Connect is currently in development.)