Love God. Love People. Love Mercy.

what we value.



+ Culture of Prayer & Fasting

We believe there is breakthrough in prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29). God responds to the cries of mercy (Luke 18:38). Prayer moves Heaven and fasting moves us. In prayer and fasting there is an unstoppable force that releases Heaven’s mercies. Mercy Culture is a church that embraces the power of prayer and fasting.

+ Culture of Passionate Praise & Intimate Worship

At Mercy Culture we encourage passion to glorify God with all of our soul, strength and mind (Luke 10:27). Praise and worship lead us into the presence of God. Intimacy is found in time with the Holy Spirit. Mercy is found at the feet of Jesus and that’s where we desire to be.

+ Culture of Generosity & Stewardship

The New Testament church freely gave their time, treasure and talents. We believe in a culture of generosity that we have been given mercy so very generously and we give generously in return.

+ Culture of Honor

We believe in honor. We believe in honoring God’s Word. We believe in honoring the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We believe in honoring one another. When we walk in honor we believe the Holy Spirit will dwell among us!

+ Culture of Excellence

Everything we do is unto the Lord. Excellence is the best we can with what we have. God gave His best in His son Jesus. Jesus gave His best in the Holy Spirit and we want to give our best to the house of God and the people of God.

+ Culture of Creativity

We believe the Holy Spirit is the author of creativity. As we seek the presence if God and what pleases Him (Ephesians 5:10) we believe the result will be unique creativity. We believe the message of mercy and the good news of the gospel doesn’t change but the methods do in order to reach new cultures and new generations.

+ Culture of Joy

If the Holy Spirit wants to be at Mercy Culture then so do we! The joy of the Lord is strengthening (Nehemiah 8:10)! There is Joy in the presence of God. We want to create a culture that church is fun and joy is contagious!


+ Culture of Health

Our Goal is to create a Culture of Health. We believe healthy things grow. Our desire is that our pastors, leaders, volunteer staff and congregation be as healthy as possible. Listed here are the “Core Values & Culture” to ensure health in Mercy Culture Church.”

+ Culture of Unity

Unity is to become united in the perfect will of God. Unity is the place God commands his blessing (Psalm 133). Mercy Culture Church values unity with the Holy Spirit, that results in unity within the church. We want God to bless the lives of His people so we prioritize unity in every area and every department at Mercy Culture.

+ Culture of Discipleship

The great commission is to go out into the entire world and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). At Mercy Culture Church discipleship is a priority. With our growth tracks, small groups and discipleship courses we want to teach the ways of God in all that we do (Exodus 33:13).

+ Culture of Serving

We believe the greatest of all is the servant (Matthew 23:11). Serving is celebrated at Mercy Culture Church. Our ministries are run by servant leaders and we believe its an honor to serve and build the house of God.

+ Culture of Diversity

We want Mercy Culture Church to reflect Heaven. Our hearts are to see a diverse church of ethnicity and generations come together in the name of Jesus.

+ Culture of Forgiveness

Jesus taught that His followers are required to forgive (Matthew 6:14). At Mercy Culture Church we teach and encourage forgiveness. Forgiven people forgive people. Forgiveness is a result of mercy!

+ Culture of Integrity

Integrity never takes a day off. We believe integrity is originated in our submission to individual accountability as well as cooperate spiritual authority.


+ Culture of Righteousness & Purity

Righteousness is the DNA of Heaven (Matthew 6:3). Since we are made into new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17) our new nature is the righteousness of Christ. Jesus taught His followers to seek first righteousness and to hunger and thirst in our pursuit of righteous living (Matthew 5:6). We believe the result of a relationship with Jesus a life of righteousness and purity.

+ Culture of Grace & Truth

When Jesus met a woman trapped in a life of sin (John 8). He extended grace to her and spoke to her with truth. Grace by itself can by lawlessness, truth by itself can be legalistic. Mercy is found when Grace and truth meet in Jesus.

+ Culture of Healing & Deliverance

Everywhere Jesus went in His mercy He healed people and set them free. We believe one encounter with God changes everything! When Jesus saves us, He delivers us. Deliverance is when your flesh follows your spirit. We believe in the healing power of deliverance.